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Remote Support

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Training and Support

You had some training but you want a little more. Things have changed and you need some updates. No matter what goals you may have we can work with you for individual training or a group for a two hour session. We get with you to see what you would like to learn and design that course for you. Click here for more

Events and Consulting

Events: Not sure what you should have or what training you will need? Let us put on our Technology Petting Zoo. You will be introduced to where technology has come from and how and each technology, from laptops to smart phones can help you. From there you will visit tables for hands on demonstrations of the solutions that interest you. 

ConsultingThere is so much technology available and it continues to change. We can help you pick the right system and software for yourself or your facility. We review your needs now and for the future and make sure that what you get can grow with you and be supported.


Through our reviews and testing you may be interested in some of the products and ways of support that are available to you.

Cell phones and emergency response!

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Make your Microsoft computer easy to use!

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