About Us

Decades of experience tells us that we’re closing the gap between unstable innovation and real-world peace of mind.

Thinking CAP Technologies knows that technology is changing every day and keeping up with change can sometimes be difficult. But the new technologies offer so much that we now have the world at our fingertips.

We offer training on technologies from desktop computers to laptops to tablets to smart phones. We consult with you to help you pick the right solutions to meet your needs and offer ways for your family and us to help keep you connected and secure.

Thinking CAP Technologies will present your sessions or help you design your own. With 35 years of technology and presentation experience, Thinking CAP Technologies has the ability to transform the complex tech talk into terms that anyone can understand and enjoy.


We feel that because of change we need to be flexible in our training and our recommendations. Our goal is to keep up with change and provide you the most up to date solutions and training that will fit your needs. We want to become your trusted advisor in this fast pace digital world in which we live. We strive to keep you informed, up to date and protected.


To help the seniors achieve the things they would like to do in today’s digital world through consulting, teaching and supporting.

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